Our vision is simple: Keep children alive – Help them to thrive


Our mission is to protect, educate, and accompany the children and young people living in poverty and violence on the streets of Medellin, Colombia.

 Fr. Peter’s Story

It was August 1982. A young student called Peter Walters was in a bind. His vacation in Cartagena, Colombia, had turned out to be more expensive than he had expected, and his money was running low. But when he tried to book his flight home to Britain, he was told that no seats would be available for another two weeks. He was stranded, and if he was to keep a roof over his head he would only be able to eat once every two days.

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The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis—in Colombia

Many people in the US do not know much about what is currently going on in Venezuela, and of how this is affecting Colombia and the work of Let The Children Live!

According to an article on February 20, 2019 in the New York Times, the economic crisis in Venezuela has set off a ‘staggering exodus’ and is ‘among the worst in Latin American history’.