Colombia is a beautiful country in the North-West corner of South America. It has the second largest population on the continent. Most Colombians are charming, kindly, law-abiding people; and most Colombian parents are loving and responsible. Unfortunately, however, the position of their country - which has terrain that is difficult to police, is close to the U.S., and is the only one in South America that has ports both on the Pacific and the Caribbean - makes it an ideal base for the trade in illegal drugs.  


Life on the street is never easy for children of Colombia. Many of them have to work late into the night – selling candies, cigarettes, drinks, or other refreshments – before returning home. Even so, it can be addictive, because there the children are free from adult control. The police will take them into an institution if they catch them on the street at night, so they need money to rent a room for the night. They form tightly knit groups to share the cost of this - and for their own protection - and they spend their time begging, scavenging, doing drugs, or selling themselves in prostitution.


Medellín’s street children need a way out. They need safe havens – away from the drugs, prostitution, and gang violence – where they can become children again, and begin the journey from surviving to thriving. They need specially-trained professionals who actually want to work with them, and who will not abuse their trust. They need to feel loved and wanted, and to be given hope that life can be better. They need to develop faith, both in themselves and in God. They need food, clothing, medical care, and the chance of an education with which they can build themselves a better future. And - because they are children - they need to have plenty of fun as well!  

And that’s why they need the help of Let The Children Live!  

YOU can help to change a child's life today!

Now it’s easier than ever to join us in our mission to PROTECT and TRANSFORM the lives of vulnerable and needy children in Medellín, Colombia.